Made in…

Italy, France, and Spain are known for their wine production throughout the world. It is incorporated as a part of their daily culture; therefore its production is pertinent. Unfortunately only 25% of wine drank in the United States is international so a lot of individuals miss out. Wine producers are very prideful, especially in Spain, in maintaining their traditions and staying true to their wine. After visiting a winery in the Castilla La Mancha region just southeast of Madrid my awareness on what constitutues and creates a bottle of wine has hightened. Each aspect is taken into careful consideration like most business ventures; the bottle design, cork type, label design, and of course every step that is included in making the wine (you will see more of what I mean in tomorrow´s post).




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2 responses to “Made in…

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  2. Gregory

    mmm thanks for this post, made me want international wine instead of most of the wine that is available here!!

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