One Year

{The Oldest Restaurant in the World}

Today is the one year anniversary of Seasoned With Youth. Initially this started as somewhat of a journal for me. I was using it as a reference point to make sure my day to day life had substance. Now, it has blown into a full on hobby with accounts of my travels, food discoveries, and weekly appreciation. It is a platform of sharing ideas which I have fallen in love with. I am not quite sure where I am going to go with it from here, but I wanted to take the time and say thank you to all those who have been following this past year.



{Masquerade Photoshoot}


{Sweet and Savory}


{New Finds & Open-air}


{Grit and Color}


{Rialto Market}


{Commencing our Leisurely Summer Activities}




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11 responses to “One Year

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos!

    You wear red lipstick really well. I went to buy some yesterday and just got my usual pink haahahaa I wish I had the courage to wear red.

    Just found your blog, I love it.

  2. Hey Samantha! Congrats on your 1 year, pretty girl!! This is my first visit to your blog, glad I have a years worth of posts to browse back on! OXO Natalie

  3. Congratulations! Most don’t make it, take a bow.

  4. Also you should leave some lovin’ for my Goin Social blog:

    DO itttttt

  5. YEAH, now let’s put me in some more posts. When am I gonna see you next?

  6. Keep it up lady! I love reading your posts!

  7. Vlad

    You are my blog idol lol

  8. Chi

    You look good 🙂 i especially like the first picture 🙂

  9. Happy one year anniversary! You have a fantastic blog, so keep it up! ❤

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