Fallas, Fire, Fun

Fallas is a five day festival every March in Valencia, Spain in celebration of Saint Joseph. Large artistic structures made of paper, wax, wood, and styrofoam are displayed in the street throughout various parts of the city. Sometimes they tower as high as 5 stories. Each display consists of two pieces, the ninots (the smaller piece) and the fallas (the main attraction). The themes are usually satirical jabs at whoever or whatever has drawn attention in the eyes of the artist. Prizes and awards are given to the best designs. Thousands of people flood to the city to view these structures, eat some delicious food like churros and buñuelos, and watch the epic finale, a spectacle of fireworks and burning of all the fallas.




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4 responses to “Fallas, Fire, Fun

  1. Breezy

    so cool! the details are amazing. what a great experience

  2. All that hard work and they just burn it at the end?!?
    Thanks for sharing Sam. I’ve never heard of this, and I do love all things Spain!


  3. Wow, those sculptures are amazing! Thanks for the pictures! :o)



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