D.O. Rueda

One perk I have luckily been able to stumble upon is a bit of travel within my job at the wine company. This past week I took a trip to the Rueda wine region in Segovia, Spain (to learn more about it, click here). Fortunately there was half a day to spare after all the required meetings. The afternoon was spent exploring a bit of  the winery to learn all about the different vines, soil types, processing variations, and equipment. I highly recommend taking a tour of some sort of agricultural area at some point of your life whether it be a wine region in Europe or a coffee plantation in South America. The dedication put into cultivation is extremely interesting, especially if you have never lived in a rural area before. As you can see from these photos taken on my Blackberry, there is a bit of beauty to the fields, as basic and bare as they may seem.




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7 responses to “D.O. Rueda

  1. Spanish wine regions in Spain are gorgeous! I had a chance to tour Penedes when I was there. Check it out if you get the chance!


  2. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

    I love going down to the vineyards here in Sydney, and in Perth as well.

    The Cat Hag

  3. Your Pappi

    Good job! Good pics.!

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