Daisy Daze

Spring has sprung into action here in Madrid and the city came alive this weekend. The parks were full of people old and young taking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air. It was refreshing to see the heartbeat of the city revive itself from the winter. Here are a few snapshots of the perfect transition weekend from winter to spring. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Happy Monday!




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9 responses to “Daisy Daze

  1. aww daisy chains. love it.

    january, x

  2. I absolutely love your hair extensions. I had never heard of them until this past weekend… and as it turns out, three of my friends have them!

    Also, I’m happy to see that you too like daisy crowns. :- )


    • If you want some extenstions for the summer, you can go to some hair dressers in the states and get them or order the feather extentions online like I did. They are such a fun addition. It is my new favorite summer accessory

  3. lovely pictures – looks like such a fun / relaxing time

    stop by sometime<3

  4. I love these pictures! The floral crowns are gorgeous!

    xo Lynzy

  5. Auntie Di

    Sorry meant hippie not hoppie. Must of been thinking of going to see the movie HOP

  6. Auntie Di

    Boy does this picture take me back to the 60’s and the hoppie love-ins. This picture reminds me of Birmingham Mi. and all were gather in the cental park with flower wreathes in their hair.

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