One Day, One Person

Could you honestly say that you meet one new person a day? Seems simple. Hell, it’s only one person. Each individual has something to offer whether it is a new perspective, an experience, a piece of advice, or even just a simple smile. What do you offer?

There are approximately 6.9 billion people in the world today with 6,900 languages spoken. About 845 million are native Mandarin speakers, 329 million are native Spanish speakers, 328 million are native English speakers, and 240 million are native Hindi speakers (these numbers vary by source, but you get the general idea). If you knew these 4 languages you could speak to approximately 26% of the population (1.8 billion people)! This does not consider those individuals who speak more than one language. That means, the more languages you speak, the more people you can learn from. Unfortunately I find many people don’t take advantage of this opportunity especially in the US. I myself still speak horrible Spanish, attempted at Mandarin and failed miserable, and gradually am starting to learn French. However, none of this is up to the standards I would like.

But, what about you? Have you taken the time to learn new languages? Your opportunities can multiply with increased communication in various aspects of your life both socially and professionally.

Don’t worry though, no matter how old you are it is never too late to start. Begin slow. Start meeting more people within your own language. Humans are naturally social creatures. Don’t shut off your connections by avoiding eye contact with strangers or not saying hello or good morning to a person passing by? I myself have fallen victim to theses tendencies more times than I would like to admit. When you let your guard down a bit and send a smile someone elses way, you open up the opportunity to meet some really interesting people. Yes, you may get turned down or looked at strangely or even frowned upon. But so what, it is their loss not yours, right?

So do it! Go out and meet someone new today, try to learn a new language in the near future and let me know what you discover.




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13 responses to “One Day, One Person

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  2. kikayork

    its amazing, i think the same, the people interact with others to provide thing about theirselves to others, i speak english and spanish, iยดd like to learn italian, and slovak…
    u have a beautiful perspective of the life. you are a person from who i certainly like to learn things everyday, keep writting….

    • I am truly touched by your words. It is nice to see that you are taking advantage of all the different opportunities ahead of you, especially when it comes to languages. What made you want to learn slovak? Unfortunately, I don’t think I have heard it spoken. I am going to have to investigate.

  3. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed reading this and will be back!


  4. vonmachc

    I love your blog. I’m always looking for new places to travel and visit.
    Very inspiring!


  5. Ria

    I start my first semester of Italian next semester. I cannot even explain how excited I am for it!

  6. breeann

    Another eye opening and inspirational blog Sammy. If everyone would open their mind and heart a little and meet someone new everyday wow! Think of the friendships within different cultures everyone could expierence. Way cool

    Xoxox Besos

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