Weekly Appreciation

Ok guys, it is time for weekly appreciation. Sorry I have been a bit late on this but some unexpected events caused a delay. Unfortunately, this week I broke my foot so I get deemed a cojo for a while and will be enjoying the lovely pain of crutches, YES! (that is sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it). Nevertheless, there are always things to appreciate, even if there are some downsides to the week. What are some of the things that you enjoyed? Maybe it was the moment the Metro machine gave you back too much change, a pleasant conversation with a new neighbor, watching the Royal Wedding (yes, I saw it…shhhhh), or a delicious cup of cafe con leche to start off your day. Here are some of my weekly appreciations. Have a great weekend!

{Motorbike completely decked out with children’s toys}

{I was given a beautiful rose}

{One of my favorite sculpture gardens in Parque del Retiro}




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10 responses to “Weekly Appreciation

  1. hey will you check out my blog, and maybe even follow it? i worked really really hard, and i love you blog! i recently found it!


  2. this is such a good idea for a column! we forget way too much to stop focusing on ourselves and focus instead on things we find inspiring and that make us happy 🙂

  3. dtewfik

    Found in Boston, thought you’d appreciate

  4. your post is really enjoyable to read!
    my weekly appreciation are the easter left-overs ! lol

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