Your Best Version

To become the best version of yourself is a day by day progression. It is not something attainable in a matter of minutes or days. In retrospect, it is almost an unreachable goal. However, don’t look at the word unreachable and turn sour; here is why. Variations in your environment causes changes in your desires and perspective on the importance of life making that “perfect self an ever-evolving model. Your ideal self is not the same now as it will be five years from now or as it was five years ago. If it is, you are not testing yourself. You are not taking on enough new challenges in your life.

But what does this look like? What is the best version of you? You need to ask yourself what makes you  happy. I find that inquisition is great but inquisition without consideration and  reflection leaves you in the same spot that you started. So when you are considering your best self, you need to find an answer true to your soul. Do not allow your response to be infuenced by societal guidelines. What makes you feel good, what fulfills your soul, what makes you smile inside and out? These are the things that should drive you to be your best version. If you are having a hard time with this concept, listen to the song True to Myself by Ziggy Marley. It solidifies this idea through music.

Ok now, have I got you thinking? Can you answer instantly? I highly doubt that you can (I am still having a hard time answering this one). No worries though, this is just something to think about. You may never come to a complete answer. But like I said earlier: inquisition without consideration and  reflection leaves you in the same spot that you started.




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4 responses to “Your Best Version

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  2. laurel

    I think about this often. It’s so completely true that life is about the journey, not the destination; but for it to be a journey instead of aimless wandering, you need some sort of goal to reach for. That goal can shift every day if it needs to, but in my experience, it’s important to keep it in mind.

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