Doughy Creation

In honor of Saint Honoré, the saint of, well….bread, a week long celebration called Fête du Pain is held every May highlighting what other than….baking! Celebrated since 1996, bakers come to compete against one another to display their breads and techniques to the public. The intriquite designs surely beat my high school clay making days, and they did this with dough! Other countries were represented within Fête du Pain as well. Italy displayed ciabattas, Spain demonstrated their barras and the USA sadly displayed hamburger buns (I cringed bashfully at this display). If only the aromas of the fresh baked breads could reach your computer screens; you would smile with delight. Then again, you would probably hate me for creating an unfulfillable craving, unless you too possess the baking talent or a nearby french bakery.




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3 responses to “Doughy Creation

  1. Hands down, those look pretty much amazing. Wow!


  2. you should have seen the finished products! there were statue looking designs as well. it was amazing.

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