La Cerveteca

How many times have you gone to a bar and ordered traditional large brand names?  Heinekin. Budweiser. Mahou. Maybe you feel a bit adventurous and you spice it up with a bit of Dos Equis. But really, thats boring. There are thousands of beers all over the world to try. People do actually specialize in beer as a living (how cool is that). Here are some guys who created a store/bar to share this passion. La Cerveteca in Barcelona is an environment created for the beer culture. There are beers from all over the world with crazy labels, distinct names, and an even more distinct taste. After a hot day in the Spanish sun, a cool refreshing beer around a large barrel-looking tabel is a great way to take a pause in the day. If drinking out of a large goblet shaped glass doesn’t make you feel like a king/queen, I don’t know what else will.




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  1. Your Pappi

    I’m thristy!

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