French Pastries

It’s not a lie, the French can bake. I am certain I came very close to eating my body weight in pastries during my last visit to Paris. It is estimated that Parisians consume around 79g of bread a day. If I lived there, I think I would fall under the above average category. If the smell doesn’t drag you in, the taste will. With boulangeries in every neighborhood, delectable baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat, macaron,  petit four,  canelé, pain aux raisins, etc. come across your path multiple times a day. How can you resist?




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17 responses to “French Pastries

  1. Those look so yummy! I love your blog!

  2. Looks like Paris was really nice for you.
    L Y M T S B Take care!

  3. The answer is: you CAN´T resist! I lived in Paris for 3 years, and I´ve become addicted to the freshly baked baguettes, pains au chocolat and macarons….and I could continue like this forever 🙂 Yum!

    xx Ivana

    • Haha. I guess considering moving to Paris would be bad for my health then. The amount I ate in one weekend was obsene. Glad you can share in my sentiment. Just thinking about the delicious pastries makes me want to go back.

  4. YUM!! Ohmygoodness, it’s been ages since I’ve had a good macaron! That’s the first thing I’m going to go for when I’m back in Paris! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed everything!


    PS: You look lovely!

  5. Love Paris and Maccarones!
    Visit my blog and be part of my giveaway! Open worlwide
    Following you!

  6. Ria

    Mhmmm, so cute! I’m so jealous of the delicious looking food!

  7. YUMMY delicious, give it to me 🙂

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  8. love this post !! I adore baguettes and croissants, of course I’m french ;))

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