Weekly Appreciation

This week has consisted of lots of “new” things, but not in a greedy way (no worries). I am lacking in photos this week so I will go ahead and make a list of my appreciations. One: taking salsa class taught by one extremely talented friend. Two: meeting new people at a botellón while singing along to a guitar. Three: looking at old photos with family from afar. Four: being able to share my love for dress-wearing among a group of men at a stag party. And five: finding an awesome magazine combo-pack with free sandals (heck yes! you have to get excited about little things sometimes). As you can see, I am easily amused. But easily amused means constant smiles. No complaints here. Enjoy your weekend! Do something crazy; it feels like a crazy sort of weekend.



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10 responses to “Weekly Appreciation

  1. Cute shoes! Are they comfortable!?



  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Salsa classes sound like so much fun! Wow, the mag came with free sandals?? I’d be very appreciative of that too!

    Stop by again soon! xoxo!

    • If you ever come to Spain check out their magazine deals, it surprised me. You can get bags, swim suits, and who knows what else. I keep getting surprises!

  3. Your Pappi

    Hey, thanks alot! If I had known that you would display me in my “normal daily attire” or lack thereof, I would have worn my tuxedo!
    No, not a problem! I do enjoy your site and frequent communication, although I don’t respond very often.
    Anyway, you kn0w that I L Y M T S B

    • HAHA, I have to show the true you. Thats why I loved this so much and put it as my weekly appreciation. Plus the old photos were too cool not to share. 🙂

  4. Ria

    This so cute! I would get excited about the sandals with the magazine too if I were you!

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