Who Are You?

Who are you? Seems simple; I guess. I mean who really knows you better than yourself. Ok, this isn’t that easy to answer; it depends on a lot of things like how confident you are with yourself or how much you have experimented on what truly makes you happy. Take a couple minutes and write a paragraph or two answering: Who are you?

Here is my take on it.

I am a blonde Californian who wears feathers in my hair and is commonly referred to as rubia here in Spain. Some think of me as reserved hippy, but I think I am just me. I play guitar for myself as a way to relax (don’t ever expect a performance from me) and long board as an attempt to get exercise/think that I am cooler than I am but really it’s just a lazy way to get from one place to the other. At times I attempt to play bongos but its more painful to watch than it is entertaining. I like to think that I know a lot more than I really do, but I hold my own even if I am wrong. My personalities vary significantly depending on the language I speak (English=loud and outspoken. Spanish=quiet and observing the world around me) however, when I am not speaking I usually just smile to myself and think how crazy life can be.  

So who are you? Post it in the comment box below. This could take 2 minutes or 30. It depends on how well you know yourself. Write it in English, Spanish, French, German, or jiberish, I don’t care. The idea is to reflect. Even if the thought is incomplete, vague or seems stupid. It’s a start. Share. Don’t be shy. So start with this:

I am….

Now, go.




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19 responses to “Who Are You?

  1. I am a dreamer. I think and ponder about crazy things. I love to write. I love pictures and pretty things. I am an upper aged teenager with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I like my eyes. Music speaks to me. I am a classical pianist. I love the beach. I like inspiring quotes and videos. I am a sucker for a good book and a guy that plays guitar and sings. I love fashion. Sometimes I wish that I played a sport really well. I love the feeling of accomplishment.
    I hate mediocrity.

  2. Jaan Pehchaan

    I am http://jaanpehchaan.wordpress.com/aboutjaanpehchaan/

    You. Me. We are part of the same collective consciousness. Cut and sewn from the same colorful fabric. Part of the same life force. Here to make a mark in this world that we call ours. Who am I? Just look into the mirror. I see no difference. We are one and the same. In search of Self, I found me.

    If you were looking for a non-metaphysical characterization, then, I am a male, blogger, (aspiring) writer, romantic, working to make a difference; happily married to a wonderful person, and have great kids.

    I am – Hopelessly in love – in love with my spouse; in love with the girl that I did not talk to enough; in love with my kids; in love with the world around me; in love with the beautiful smile; in love with the breath-taking modeling pic of yours; in love with the black; in love with the white; and everything in between.

  3. melisandeholingue

    I am me, and no one else. I am a contradiction. I am a sister, daughter, friend. A lover of books and animals, a traveler. In love, happy, never taking anything for granted. I am French and American. I am unique and different.

  4. So, the second I saw this question I wanted to answer it… but then I kept putting it off and I’m not sure why. Then yesterday in my yoga class my instructor asked us “Who are you?” and your blog came right to my mind. She asked us to think about who we are, the people we affect in this world and the actions we take.

    I think I am a compassionate, focused, fun person, but as of late I have lost my direction. I want so much good for the world and people around me, but sometimes it doesn’t work out this way. I think I know who I want to be and I strive to become this person every day – with some difficulty. I could tell you my physical attributes and my favorite hobbies, songs and foods. These are all a part of me, but I don’t think these are a part of my emotional core, which is most important, because we work from the inside out. Our emotions eventually affect our physical external choices which in turn affect other people externally and internally.

    I could go on forever, and i think it in the end, I don’t know who I am. I try to figure this out everyday. I want to love and be loved. I want to die happy and with no regrets. I want to leave a footprint on the earth and to leave with some mild understanding of why we are all so different and how this amazing machine called the human body works in cohesion with planet earth.

  5. A blonde girl from the south who graduated from college with perfect attendance and on the deans list, moved across the country to LA to become a stylist. and now, a fashion blogger who loves your blog. lol. thanks for another amazing post love. would love if you stop by to see pics of my latest celebrity trend report and my new favorite wedges. xoxo


    Don’t forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.


  6. I am a blonde girl from Croatia! I have a lot of freckless on my nose, especially during the summer. I am a dreamer, idealist, and optimist. I am extremely adventerous and love taking risks in life. I am a blogger as of recently, and enjoy it so much 🙂 I’m a shopaholic and always have urge to buy more things, especially clothes… I am open to new cultures and wanna travel the world. I am interested in different people and spend waaaay to much time reading blogs! I am athletic and enjoy outdoors! I am confident in myself, have big dreams, and want to achieve great things! I am a new follower of your blog because I LOVE this post! made me think about who I am 🙂 Great job!

    Fashion Fractions

  7. J

    I am the guy who goes with the flow and pick up every opportunity I get. No planning, no organizing, “Just Do It”. May be that is who I am, or may be life just turned out to be exactly opposite of whatever I have planned. Sounds bad huh? But that is just how I like it, add some spice and adventurous elements into life, make it more than just an ordinary one. Still, the question remains, who am I?

    Just like watching yourself through the mirror, you always look different when you take a picture. By looking back in your life, you could only see who you want to be, not who you are. After living in several cities with very distinct cultures, enjoying different ways of life and meeting tons of friends from all over the world, I love observing, but no judging. I love appreciating the differences, but no separating or singling out. I love making friends, so that you could achieve all of the above. I love smiling, laughing and being optimistic, as there is nothing in the world to get frustrated for over an hour. Most importantly, I love taking care of everyone I like, I care and I love, may be to the point it gets annoying, but at the end my intention was pure and good. Other than that, everything else is dispensable variable. That is who I want to be, but it is up to you to tell me who I am.

    One thing for certain though, as agreed by the entire world, I am a big eater. 🙂


    I am your best friend, a person you can depend on, even if I am mad I’ll be there to help and I forgive real easy. I am a great Mom, Aunt, daughter,grandmother (new), cousin, friend, cousin and I think wife (ask Pete). I try each day to better myself and do one thing for someone else. I have a lot of short comings but don’t we all. I have been real lucky in this life to be a able to give of myself. I love and give love a lot. I get hurt easily but also forgive.

  9. Dani

    I am a young girl from So Cal. Born and raised at the beach, though I have never surfed. My hair is long, blonde and incredibly noticed here in Spain. I now have a new love-hate relationship with my frequented nickname: “rubia” (of course that depends on the general age of who happens to be cat-calling it to me). I have always loved to travel and to be foreign, but not to be the foreigner. I call myself a traveller and not a tourist. In Spain, however, it’s a little harder to break out of the guiri shell, looking as I do. Yet if I am vain about anything, it is my hair.
    Ask anyone around and they will tell you I am not normal. Normal is boring. Seriously. Be unique, your genetic code is. I have more pictures taken of me making ugly faces than smiling, but in the end that makes me smile more in real life. My favorite quote is “Laughter is the medicine for the soul” and I live by that every day. I’ll admit it. I try to be funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but hey, at least I am amused, and smiles are contagious.
    Sometimes I feel like a hippy, others like a hipster, others like an alien. I belong to no group, yet flutter through them all. It changes with my mood, and moods are fickle, like the weather, which happens to affect my moods.
    I like to be fashionable, but could care less about fashion. When it comes down to it, if I can wear jean shorts. I’m a happy camper. I also love camping.
    My heart lies with the beach, yet I get restless easily and city life is proving to entertain me much more than my small beach hometown. I’ve never been homesick, but I get people-sick and sometimes even material-things-sick…mostly when it comes to food.
    I try to look to the future, but the future is scarier than the past. I am incredibly nostalgic. I take photos of any and every moment. You never know which ones you will or will not remember in the years to come with the fondest of memories. Why not make sure you have that memory documented to aid the fondness. That and I just love photography. Photos are meant to be printed and shared. No matter what they say, people always love to have their photo taken, especially if the person wielding the camera knows what they are doing.
    Nostalgia aside, I refuse to live in the past. I regret nothing (although I unfortunately forget nothing, and sometimes wish I could change words said or actions done). I have messed up. A lot. Who doesn’t? But I’ve lived and learned, even at my young age. So really, why would I change anything, even if I could? I am lucky to say that each year of my life is better than the last. And I hope more than anything that this will continue. Living in Spain has been my favorite year yet. Ive never taken so many photos, nor met so many people that I want to keep in my life, in one year before. I have had so many amazing experiences that I wouldn’t have even dreamed up.
    Now I sit here nearing the end of my stay in my new favorite country with my new favorite people. No matter what I want, I have one year left at UCLA which I have to finish to get my degree, so next year is set in stone, but after that? I want to live 3 or 4 parallel lives. I want to be a tour guide through the rainforests in Costa Rica, I want to live in Spain, get a job I like and continue travelling the world. Yet somewhere in the future, I want my kids to grow up on the beach like I did, close to their grandparents. As of yet I haven’t heard of a place that connects all my wants, but if you have….don’t be afraid to speak up.

  10. I am a cultural smorgasboard.Well i think of myself that way. I have had a wonderful opportunity to live in two worlds at the same time.Living in different countries from childhood, meeting all kinds of people and fully immersing myself to different cultures has resulted to something that makes me look at life with a fresh look every single day.I love travelling and exploring places.After school, i will take a year off to cruise around the world!. I am currently majoring in Telecommunication Engineering.It’s a tough process considering the fact that am doing it in Italian(my 3rd language) but am determined to make it.

    I want to become a writer someday as a part time thing. I write a lot and am looking forward to publishing a novel in the near future.I consider myself a very curious person.I question almost everything around me.
    I have learned to live independently away from people who know me best and for this reason i like to term myself a courageous young man. I look at this life as a puzzle that must be solved.So each day, i go out there to put the pieces together.What pieces? Each day is an assembly of different pieces.To make sense of the scenes and the realities around me which will result to a story(pieces of truth)… i go outside to gather those pieces.

    I am still in the process of rediscovering myself too.I don’t like fact that we all have to grow.But unfortunately we can’t avoid it.A close friend of mine once said: “And while we all excitedly loose our virginity in every new experience we can, we also all crave that childhood ignorance we once had and can never regain because it came with so few responsibilities,and such light weights on our backs.” Hard to go back …

    Thanks for asking this question.Good for reflection.Wish i could write more but i have to get back to my crazy busy life.

  11. @fhoel

    My name is Fredrik… but that is the name my parents gave me. It is not who I am. I’m a Norwegian, doing Martial Arts with a passion for flying. That is where I was born, and what I love to do. It is not who I am.

    Who am I? The moment I write an answer, the essence of the question has been lost. The answer can only include superficial descriptions camouflaging the deeper truth.

    ”If you use your mind to study reality, you won’t understand either your mind or reality. If you study reality without using your mind, you’ll understand both.” – Bodhidharma

  12. Breezy

    I am a realist however at times optimist. I like to think that things will turn out for the best even though sometimes i know this cannot be. I like to think of myself as very logical and someone who can be a ‘chameleon’ and observe different situations and form to them to feel comfortable. I do not like to see people in pain, however sometimes realize that pain is something that people need to experience in order to grow. I try to listen to people around me and their thoughts and ideas, however i can be very stubborn and not want to truly hear what they say.


  13. Dan

    Every 10 years the UK has a national census and this year, 2011, the time came round again to ask the country as a whole ‘who are we?’. Your question above reminded me of some thought processes I went through when completing the form earlier this year.

    Whilst I still maintain that census are in general an important sociological tool, I believe after all this time they’re inherently flawed. We are asked to put our complicated, messy selves into a box – or rather just tick a box. Whenever the question of ethnicity or race are asked of me in this manner (Endless numbers of people seem to want to know the colour of my skin including Doctors, Funding Applications, University and Dominoes’ Online Complaint Form) my stock answer is this : Prefer not to say. My reasoning is two fold. The first; many world wide atrocities have occurred when people have been put into their boxes within a society. Genocides occur in horrific circumstances, and whilst I do not think for one second that Great Britain faces an immediate crisis of this magnitude I cannot help but feel that we should be living in a society where we shouldn’t be categorised (or categorizing) in such a manner.

    And the second reason? At the tender age of twenty-two, I am still not sure. Whilst my birth certificate tells me which country I was born in, my heritage and allegiance lie with another. I am homesick for things that seem random to an outsider, and yet I actively choose to live outside my country.

    I am pretty sure, however, of what I am not. So to go back to your original question (finally I hear you cry)… I know I am not religious, but I hope I am not (too) disrespectful. I know I am not Gay, but neither am I homophobic. I know I am not Right Wing, I know I am not apathetic, I know I am not assured a job because of who my parents are. I know that I am not a typical student of Bath University – mainly because of the immediate three statements I made. I know I am not a not a second rate citizen merely because of my gender. I know I will not give up on proving this and fighting against this issue in the world. I know I am not the kind of person to ever give up on any fight, except real fights – I know I am not a violent person. I know I am not a city person. Nor am I a beach person. For that matter I don’t think I am a countryside person. I know I have not gained closure on things in my past. I know I am not going to live my life regretting decisions. I know I am not always happy. I know I am not always secure. I know I am not very good at asking for help.

    One thing I do know, however, is that I do not want to be put in a box… Oh and maybe I talk/share too much.

  14. Steph Schmura

    I belong to no one place. I can make life work anywhere because the world is much too big for me to sit still for too long. I cherish my blue eyes. I’m not good with names or dressing for the weather but I am really good at ordering the best thing on the menu at a new restaurant, buying presents and noticing little things that make people smile. My life has a soundtrack. My independence and self-confidence were not always as strong as they are today, which makes them the two most important parts of my life. My dog knows all of my secrets.

  15. Agnes

    I am European. It’s been so long that i don’t live in my own country that i feel closer to foreigners than to my own country people. I’m really open, smily, happy and always the first to present myself to new people. I’m open to others believes and cultures. I’m the big sister, really responsible, too responsible and too serious. I worried too much and I’m not sure of myself, always wondering if I’m taking the good decision. I’m desperately romantic, crying at every movies and kind of a geek sometimes. I’m me and it’s pretty much the best thing I could ever ask.

  16. Your Pappi

    Well, I think you really know me; but today I am trying to re-install a wireless connection here! At this stage in the process, I am not so sure that I know myself.
    My memory seems to be failing me. I have done wireless network, almost since it’s inception; but, today I am struggling through this one.
    Oh well, the challenge is interesting; so, I will keep at it.

    I know I didn’t answer your question; but, then, as I said I think you know me. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

    L Y M T S B

  17. Christine

    I take a lot of pride in my looks. I’m a fixer or at least I try. I’m out going and sometimes out spoken. I feel the need to take care of everybody, putting myself on the back burner. I love very hard. I love life. I’m very much into my Christian faith. Most of the time I like my self…

  18. Dora

    I am me…adventurous, reasonably sef-assured, out-goingn, a Mom (one of my favorite traits), opinioated but getting mellower with time – focused most of the time but non-chalant some of the time (working on this). Good at heart I believe…pretty much comfortable in my own skin…

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