All in My Head

{Lounging at Opium in Barcelona with a bit of Cava Sangria}

These past couple weeks have  involved a  lot of planning, reserving, and researching for my upcoming month long European excursion in August (mentioned here). This has meant a bit less traveling and a lot more moments inside my head which has been an interesting contributor or lack thereof in terms of new blog posts. I am not sure if anyone can relate to that but hey ruts happen. A while back I mentioned moments like this. Ebb and flow just bring you down this path every once in a while. Luckily, this is a rarity. Nevertheless, random silly moments have still occurred these past couple weeks along with a weekend trip to Barcelona (I wasn’t bothered to take pictures however I can assure you it was an interesting time). But be ready, August shall bring crazy sights, stories, pictures, etc. Patience. I do not have it but summers always pass by faster than we like. New better posts will soon come.

{Sketches for a potential tattoo}

{Tea brought back from Istanbul}

{Stoked about my new longboard}




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4 responses to “All in My Head

  1. Wow, that sangria looks incredible!! Now I’m craving it 🙂

  2. Your Pappi

    I always enjoy the pictures and your comments. You are following one of my golden rules: Enjoy each day of your life, if you can! Sometime, life, has a way of being much shorter than we really would like.

    I still enjoy each day of mine; and, intend to continue to do so for many years to come. Is that wrong at my ripe old age? I’ll answer that! NO!

    Each “day on top of the grass” is a good day! So, I just use the abbreviation MJ (Much Joy) for each one of those!

    You take care and I know that you know the following abreviated message:
    I L Y M T S B

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