Art Alternatives

Europe is full of art. You have art museum after art museum after art gallery after, well you get the point. If you are an art buff, I don’t think you will run out of places to see when traveling around the various European cities. Though visiting art museums aren’t necessarily my top priority when traveling (no I did not go to the Louvre when I was in Paris), I  do appreciate a little street art every once in a while like here and here. These are just a couple pieces I saw while wandering this weekend.





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9 responses to “Art Alternatives

  1. Hey Samantha – I just happened to stumble on this post and loved the street art…thought you might to check out some I came across in Tel Aviv a couple of weeks ago…

  2. I know someone who creates graffiti, his street art is beyond amazing. ->

  3. I adore this post!!! We have a huge exhibit in LA at the moment called “Art in the Streets”. After making two trips to see it I have been obsessed with photographing the art in my streets. Would love it if you checked it out!

    • Do you know how long that exhibit will be there? I would love to see it. The more I have been traveling, the more I realize how amazing some graffiti artist are.

  4. cool pics !
    I wish I had the gift for graffitis too!

  5. such talent! i always wonder how long in takes for them to do that

    stop by sometime<3

  6. I wouldn’t say the art scene is “alive” in my city. There’s a lot of artists struggling to find a platform for their work. But this stuff is amazing. I wish every city had a little art hub for people to work with 🙂


    • That is an amazing idea. Imagine how cool of a concept park or plaza that would be. Maybe some people should propose an idea like this to the city counsel.

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