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Packing: the Daunting Task of Travel

Like most travelers about to leave for their epic adventure or for any vacation for that matter, packing can be a bit daunting. With the restriction of one carry on hand luggage to last me a whole month, a bit of strategic implementation is needed when trying to cram every last nook and cranny with items to bring on my trip. A couple concerns: 1. meeting the liquid ounce limit. I am pale, pale, pale. I rock two colors: white and red. Going to very sunny places, sunscreen is pertinent (even more than deodorant). 2. Running out of clothes. Yes I know, you can wash them; that’s what I plan to do. But sporting the whole stained, smelly dirty hippy look isn’t my intentions though it might be a fallback plan. 3. Looking unkempt in my photos. Heck, this is a trip of a lifetime. Who wants to cringe later at the horrendous photos at epic locations, not me! So what is my secret weapon to light travel?? (At least what I have figured out so far) Wear light dresses! They cover most of your body, fold up quite nicely, and are perfect for hot, sunny weather. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this one, especially for you guys (unless you like to wear dresses). I am stil trying to figure out the ins and outs myself so these are the only tips I’ve got. If you have any packing tips, share! Everyone needs a little help.

{A couple basics}

{A bit of pattern to switch up my travel wardrobe}

{The bathing suit: always bring one}



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Float down the Seine River

Picture a beautiful summer night right before sunset. The colors of the sky are vibrant with orange and yellows contrasting against the once cloud-speckled blue sky of the day. Watching the Eiffel Tower pass on your left and the Jardins du Trocadéro on your right, you sip on a bit of champagne and smile at the almost surreal feeling you get from thinking…this is your life. The river cruises down the Seine River, which cuts straight through the city of Paris, is the  perfect way to wind down a day before a late night dinner. The romance among the couples and the smiles shared with close friends and family creates a soothing vibe for what I am sure was a day full of hustle and bustle walking to and from the infinite number of sights in Paris. Just mind your dress, ladies. A swift gust of wind might reveal a little bit more than you are willing, giving a show to the rest of the passengers (yes, that happened). It kind of broke that whole surrealness I mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable moment.


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Parc Güell

It’s no hidden secret that Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in all of Europe as you can see here. One of my favorite places to go on a beautiful sunny day is Parc Güell in the Gràcia district. It is a gorgeous spot to bring a picnic lunch from Mercat de la Boqueria and enjoy the 360º views of the entire city. There are usually musicians playing some sort of instrument as you stroll from one end of the park to the other. The architecture designed by Antoni Gaudi is spectacular, well spectacular doesn’t even correctly describe or justify his work. The colors, lack of lines, and mosaic qualities are ones that will create many, many photographic opportunities. Wander around a bit and pay attention to detail in each aspect of the park. It’s a marvelous design bringing tranquility and peace, even with all the people visiting each day.



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Moroccan Medinas

Enter this walled city within a city to find a curved maze of streets as wide as 10 people across and others that you can barely call little alley ways. Vendor after vendor sell items ranging from spices, to food, to ladies underwear, to camel saddles, to gorgeous fabric to almost anything. The air is filled with the chatter of shopsmen trying to give you the “best deal” and aromas that are as sweet as honey and as foul as, well to be honest I am not quite sure. If visiting Morocco, make sure you visit the medinas. It is a central focal point in each of the cities providing produce and goods to thousands and thousands every day.You can see some more photos of the medinas here.



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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

I have been counting down the days until my European Excursion (18 days!!!). So in honor of this trip, I have customized two pairs of sneakers; one for myself and one for my mother who graciously funded this entire trip (did I mention I love you for this). There will be many, many miles covered in these shoes. I don’t expect them to look the same once we’ve reached our home base. If you would like to create something similar to this, its simple; go to any art store and purchase some acrylic paint and brushes. Muster up some of your creative artistic capability and paint away. Its a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and a great gift for many occasions.


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California Love

Moving around the past couple years has made me really appreciate where I come from. I moved away from my sunny hometown of San Diego four years ago and haven’t been back to visit in a little over a year. I just booked tickets to go back and visit for a week in September. Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe the giddy excitement I am trying to contain. I intend on jam-packing every moment with craziness, epic people, and beautiful scenery. Not that this is hard to do in such an amazing place (yes, I am being a bit conceded when it comes to San Diego, but I am trying to show you how much I love it). Some things I am looking forward to on my next trip: driving down the freeway with all my windows down singing at the top of my lungs, sunset at the beach, BURRITOS (lots of them), seeing all my family and friends, FINALLY having a legal drink in the states, In-n-Out, SKYDIVING, swimming in La Jolla Cove, completing my extensive tattoo and lots of laughs and craziness in between.




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