California Love

Moving around the past couple years has made me really appreciate where I come from.ย I moved away from my sunny hometown of San Diego four years ago and haven’t been back to visit in a little over a year. I just booked tickets to go back and visit for a week in September. Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe the giddy excitement I am trying to contain. I intend on jam-packing every moment with craziness, epic people, and beautiful scenery. Not that this is hard to do in such an amazing place (yes, I am being a bit conceded when it comes to San Diego, but I am trying to show you how much I love it). Some things I am looking forward to on my next trip: driving down the freeway with all my windows down singing at the top of my lungs, sunset at the beach, BURRITOS (lots of them), seeing all my family and friends, FINALLY having a legal drink in the states, In-n-Out, SKYDIVING, swimming in La Jolla Cove, completing my extensive tattoo and lots of laughs and craziness in between.





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16 responses to “California Love

  1. ah! these photos make me miss CA! i’m originally from the bay area. i just stumbled upon your blog ~ it’s lovely! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xx ~ kristina

    • I lived in the bay for 8 years! (Foster City, which almost no one knows). Ya gotta love the bay. But I’m not gonna lie, the north and south are like two different states.

  2. Beautiful pics…I can understand your excitement. I went to California about 3 years ago and desperately want to go back ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. onelovemeg

    I live in San Diego. I love it. I grew up in Coronado and Solana Beach. You don’t find very many natives anymore. If you want to meet up when you are in town you know where to find me… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ll be back in September and December to visit. I can’t wait to cruise downtown and Mission Beach again. I have a special obsession with the Spaghetti Factory downtown. Its just so good.

  4. I like your list. Especially the part the part about a lot of burritos and In-N-Out. Yums in the tums. =)

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    • I have a major obsession with burritos, especially after I moved to Spain. Nothing compares here. So whenever I visit I gorge out as if it were a sickness. I love it all the same. Breakfast, lunch and dinner….there is never a bad time for burritos.

  5. I’ve been to San Diego many times and have never seen it like this. These photos are gorgeous! Wow! Great post. Have fun when you go back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stop by my blog some time at!

    • Its a great place to visit over and over and over again. I can’t get enough, and I grew up there. Hopefully you get the chance to visit again. (Hint: visit my favorite bar, the Wave House. It never lets me down)

  6. Marija sKeri

    Already sounds like a great time!! :)))

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