Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

I have been counting down the days until my European Excursion (18 days!!!). So in honor of this trip, I have customized two pairs of sneakers; one for myself and one for my mother who graciously funded this entire trip (did I mention I love you for this). There will be many, many miles covered in these shoes. I don’t expect them to look the same once we’ve reached our home base. If you would like to create something similar to this, its simple; go to any art store and purchase some acrylic paint and brushes. Muster up some of your creative artistic capability and paint away. Its a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and a great gift for many occasions.



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18 responses to “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

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  2. Hazel Tucker

    RUNGE FUNGHI TOUNGEE! (business venture we cannot forget!)

  3. Kristen Runge

    Definitely one of my favorite posts of yours! When do I get a pair? Love you and miss my big seestar!

  4. Your Pappi

    Great job on the shoes. I think I know which pair you will keep.
    I’m sure that I will talk to you again before that trip; but meanwhile:
    L Y M T S B

  5. so cute! if you spray a little bit of clear top coat over the paint it will keep from getting scuffed a little bit longer 😉

  6. Christine

    Sam thous are so cute…

  7. oh my gosh SO SO cute!! i love this idea ~ why didn’t i think of that?! 😉 😉 happy monday to you!
    xx ~ kristina

  8. Marija sKeri

    I loooove it!

  9. Hazel Tucker

    creative genius if ever i saw it!

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