Moroccan Medinas

Enter this walled city within a city to find a curved maze of streets as wide as 10 people across and others that you can barely call little alley ways. Vendor after vendor sell items ranging from spices, to food, to ladies underwear, to camel saddles, to gorgeous fabric to almost anything. The air is filled with the chatter of shopsmen trying to give you the “best deal” and aromas that are as sweet as honey and as foul as, well to be honest I am not quite sure. If visiting Morocco, make sure you visit the medinas. It is a central focal point in each of the cities providing produce and goods to thousands and thousands every day.You can see some more photos of the medinas here.




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5 responses to “Moroccan Medinas

  1. Oh wow Morocco is going to knock my socks off. Love the photos and I can’t wait to experience all this!!!

  2. Very cute shots – I love Morocco, one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever visited!

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  4. Marija sKeri

    Since always I have wish to go to Morocco. When I see your entry I remind myself why! Great!

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