Packing: the Daunting Task of Travel

Like most travelers about to leave for their epic adventure or for any vacation for that matter, packing can be a bit daunting. With the restriction of one carry on hand luggage to last me a whole month, a bit of strategic implementation is needed when trying to cram every last nook and cranny with items to bring on my trip. A couple concerns: 1. meeting the liquid ounce limit. I am pale, pale, pale. I rock two colors: white and red. Going to very sunny places, sunscreen is pertinent (even more than deodorant). 2. Running out of clothes. Yes I know, you can wash them; that’s what I plan to do. But sporting the whole stained, smelly dirty hippy look isn’t my intentions though it might be a fallback plan. 3. Looking unkempt in my photos. Heck, this is a trip of a lifetime. Who wants to cringe later at the horrendous photos at epic locations, not me! So what is my secret weapon to light travel?? (At least what I have figured out so far) Wear light dresses! They cover most of your body, fold up quite nicely, and are perfect for hot, sunny weather. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this one, especially for you guys (unless you like to wear dresses). I am stil trying to figure out the ins and outs myself so these are the only tips I’ve got. If you have any packing tips, share! Everyone needs a little help.

{A couple basics}

{A bit of pattern to switch up my travel wardrobe}

{The bathing suit: always bring one}



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8 responses to “Packing: the Daunting Task of Travel

  1. I love these tips! And you are definitely an expert when it comes to travel 😉
    xo, Holeh

    (I know you like to diy, so stop by my little bloggy this week! I’m doing a DIY-a-day, complete with tutorials!)

  2. love your bag, and about sunscreen the higher the better 🙂 have fun

  3. Very cute swimsuit. I love the leopard. Have a wonderful weekend!

    XO Hilary Nicole

  4. Packing is always difficult for me too! Looks like you have packed wll : )


  5. ugh, I can’t even explain how much I despise packing. I’m moving out of my apartment in a couple of days and I HATE packing stuff! (I also hate packing stuff when I go on trips)

    have a lovely trip though!

  6. Why has it never dawned on me to pack dresses? Haha. Probably because I don’t typically wear them, but very smart idea!

    Have a great time!

  7. i travel often and must admit i too am not a fan of packing.. it is so hard to limit your wardrobe to such a small amount of space. Looks like you have chosen some lovely items to take with you though.

    Wishing you a lovely trip!

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