Oyster Brunch

The Eurotrip has finally commenced. It almost seems like a permanent daydream since talks of this trip have been in conversation since February. Our first full day began with a non-conventional brunch of huîtres et vin blanc or otherwise known as oysters and white wine. The waiter graciously and patiently sat down and helped us order as I flipped through my pages of my book, French Phrases for Dummies, trying to communicate as best as possible. After a bit of laughing and a couple awkward moments, we learned a couple new phrases and ended up with exactly what we had intended to order. As a celebration of the kickoff of our trip, the lushes ordered a bottle of wine. A bit much for the morning, we shared a glass with the man sitting next to us. To our surprise, he paid for the bottle and bid us an au revoir. Positive karma is definitely coming his way.



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2 responses to “Oyster Brunch

  1. I’ve never had oysters! Are they good? They look kind of slimy and gross haha…but that being said, so jealous of your Eurotrip! You’re living the life right now!

    • If you like seafood, you should try oysters! At least once. If you can take a shot, you can take an oyster. Though I love them, so I treat them as more of a delicacy. To each their own. But do it!!!

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