A little ride through the city

Bordeaux, like many other cities, has implemented a bike sharing system available at very do-able prices. It is perfect for the budget-conscious traveler or anyone for that matter.  (Just be careful of the €200 euro deposit that they debit and return after 3-4 days.) Biking is a great way to view the city and give your feet a break from walking while still getting exercise. We all know that with the amount of food and alcohol consumed while on vacation can be a bit grotesque, almost nauseating to think about. Any additional physical activity should be seen as a plus, especially when you can pair it with some touring of the city. Unfortunately the kiosks are not necessarily “internationally friendly” and only take credit or debit cards that have pin codes (American credit or debit cards will not work here). But don’t let that detour you from this experience. If you fall under this category like we did, plan ahead and go to one of the three offices located throughout the city and purchase your passcode there (pay attention to office hours, only one office is open on Sundays). Since most shops are closed on Sunday, this is a great activity to plan. Bring some snacks for a picnic and make sure you pay attention to the traffic signals. Last thing you want is a little accident (knock on wood).





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2 responses to “A little ride through the city

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  2. I love exercise on vacation that doesn’t even feel like exercise!

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