Wine to Go

Being in the heart of a well-known wine region, Bordeaux, wine comes plentiful as expected. With an array to choose from, it is difficult to elect one over the other even if you have a bit of wine knowledge under your belt. But don’t worry. We have discovered one method that has brought a whole new meaning to the idea of bringing home some wine.  Wine to go. But wait: in plastic bottles, sold by the liter and cheap, cheap, cheap. Say hello to every college students’ dream (and other peoples’ dreams alike). A liter can come as cheap as €1.90. You can bring your own one liter bottle or the vender has some of their own. Granted, this isn’t the highest quality wine but it is a really great deal. I have seen this in one other place so far during my travels and that was in Venice, Italy. If you don’t have this concept in your city and can figure out some way to make this business venture possible, do it! If anything, do it for the happiness and welfare of your community (or just anywhere that I end up living. Please and thank you.)


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  1. every college student’s dream indeed! I’ve actually seen those before. They’re really cool and convenient!

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