Murals of Lyon

Wandering throughout the neighborhoods of Lyon you stumble upon these tremendous murals covering the sides of various buildings. The CitéCréation, a student cooperative movement looking to express their artform outside of galleries and museums, produced these murals to brighten up the city. Commissioned by the mayor of Lyon, they customize each mural to represent the identity of the neighborhood they stood in. The murals took anywhere from two to nine months to complete. The artists took into consideration the fact that their pieces would be viewed from street level. They altered the perspective, especially for those over 200 feet high. As you can see they did an amazing job. I even blend right in. (Can you find me?)  To learn more about these murals, click here. You may also get a list of locations of the murals at the tourism office.



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5 responses to “Murals of Lyon

  1. Tam

    These are great photos! Cool blog!

    Yours Truly,

  2. Anonymous

    aaahhh sam, this is ridic! those murals are awesome!

  3. I adore murals. This is so cool!

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