Canyoning has been my favorite activity on this trip so far. If you are unsure of what canyoning involves, don’t worry I hadn’t a clue either before we embarked on our four hour journey. Unfortunately I don’t have that many photos since the water and camera would not have agreed but know it was EPIC! Everyone should try it if you get the chance just understand you have to be somewhat in shape if you would like to partake in this activity; here is why. Once arriving to the canyoning spot, we put on our super cool looking wetsuits, harnesses and helmets to commence our decent by sliding down some rocks on the side of a narrow road. From there we jumped into a chilly pool of water and repelled down the face of a waterfall. That was the beginning. About four hours of hiking through absolutely gorgeous canyons filled with wildlife and surrounded by vertical mountains on either side we followed the river (more like trekked through it) down little holes just big enough for our bodies, jumped off of numerous cliffs and rocks at least 25 feet high into tiny pools of water and slid down natural waterslides made slippery by the green moss and water that covered the rocks. By the time we reached the end, we were fatigued but smiling from the sheer enjoyment and beauty. Of course we realized a bit later that we still had to hike up the side of the mountain that we just spent four hours going down. But we trekked on, just in silence from the exhaustion. It was an absolutely amazing day.



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7 responses to “Canyoning

  1. Sounds absolutely amazing! I’m going to need to try this!!

  2. Your Pappi

    WOW! Great description and pics.
    I know you both enjoyed it!
    Just wonderfull

  3. wow, sounds like an amazing time!

  4. i love you photo face! looks like you had a fantastic time, you definately are braver than me girl!

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