Hump Day Humor

Let’s be real, hump day…aka Wednesday can be one of the toughest days of the week to get through. It’s almost weekend but not quite there. Ok, I won’t discuss it anymore, we all know the drill. So to lighten things up a bit I will be starting a new Wednesday post. I’ve been coming across a lot of funny, interesting, bizarre or down right hysterical moments throughout my travels but moments are in the eye of the beholder. So….I want to see your creative juices flowing. I will be posting one photo every week. What’s your take on it? Muster up the funniest, cleverest, downright ridiculous scenario/quote/dialogue etc. for the photo (if anything, it will be entertaining for me). Give it a try. Here we go with Week 1….I hope this is good.


(These are all photos taken during my travels, none of this searching on the internet for something hilarious….these are real life moments people! )


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  1. Your Pappi

    Hey, keep me posted as you go.
    I hope that you got my last comment, where there was a good picture of the two of you.

    I have not seen just an email from you; only this. Keep the info coming and continue to enjoy your trip.

    Years ago, I made many visits to Italy. I saw Rome on many occasions; but because I actally reported to the office in Milan, or as the local residents called it: Milano. I spent most of my time there.

    However, I have fond memories of both cities. You enjoy you time in Italy, wherever you are!

    L U M T S B

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