Some Wild Things

I have to admit, being from San Diego I have been instilled with somewhat of a snobbish attitude when it comes to zoos. I mean, the San Diego Zoo is arguably one of the world’s greatest. However, I was pleasantly surprised during my visit to Lyon, France where they offer a reasonably sized zoo right in the middle of Parc de la Tête d’Or for FREE! I have not encountered a free zoo of this caliber anywhere else in my travels. Exhibits varied from lemurs to giraffes to crocodiles to tigers; all obviously hefty animals to maintain. Unfortunately my French wasn’t up to par to read about each animal, but they were still fun to watch. They were especially active right after a light rainfall. If visiting, you can rent a bike at one of the many terminals around the city (similar to the bike system I mentioned in Bordeaux), pedal yourself over to the park and wander through the different exhibits. If you have time you may stop at the botanical garden along the way.



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2 responses to “Some Wild Things

  1. I have always heard great things of the San Diego Zoo, but I’ve never been myself. How great that this zoo in Lyon was free! Great photos. 🙂

  2. Your Pappi

    Hey, that had to be great! I will be very interested in all of your pics. Just be prepared. I do not just “flick” through them. I enjoy studying everything in the background, etc.
    For me, that is as important as the center. It is my enjoyment, since I can’t actually be there.

    Keep it up!

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