The Dancing House

Prague is known for its Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture throughout the city. However, there is one building you shouldn’t miss; purely due to its uniqueness. The Dancing Houses, originally named Fred and Ginger, can be found along the rivers edge at Rašínovo nábřeží 80 (I just put it into the GPS on my GoogleMaps). It was designed by Vlado Milunić in co-operation with Frank Gehry and currently is tenates to some multinational firms and a restaurant on the roof. There isn’t much to it other than the crazy design but I think the design says plenty. Its definitley worth a wander if you find yourself visiting the beautiful city of Prague.



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4 responses to “The Dancing House

  1. I love this. It’s kind of surreal.

  2. Your Pappi

    Great pic! Keep them coming!

  3. wow this is great. i have a trip there planned this year. any other tips?

  4. That’s a remarkable building. As you say, it’s worth looking for if in Prague. Thanks for sharing.

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