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Fall is here

Summer is officially over and fall has come upon us. Goodbye summer dresses and hello crunchy leaves and crisp autumn air. Lets hope for some great travel adventures.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Kurth



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Weekly Appreciation

{Caterpiller Roll}

This weeks weekly appreciation is purely focused around food. Anyone who spends enough time with me soon learns that I take pictures of most of my food before I eat it (usually pictures of my friends food too). I LOVE eating; especially when its some of my favorites. This past week I visited the U.S. and induldged in all my favorites while enjoying the great company of friends and family on both the east and west coast. Its been a year since I have been back so I over did it a bit; however it was worth every bite and pound. Next week I have promised myself that I will eat only fruits and veggies. Enjoy the pictures and avoid drooling. Sorry if this makes you hungry. (P.S. the pictures aren’t that great of quality…but thats what happens when you are crave-crazy and only have a phone to take photographic evidence.)

{Chicken and Waffles Sandwich with a Maple Gravy}

{Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Salmon Avocado Omelete, Nutella Banana Stuffed French Toast}

{Pigs in a Blanket}

{Rolled Beef Tacos topped with fresh guacamole}

{San Francisco Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque}

{Bagel with veggie cream cheese, avocado, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard}


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Venice Beach

Venice Beach is my go-to city for EPIC people watching. Take a stroll down the boardwalk for five minutes and you will have probably turned your head at least twice to get a double look at some spectacle. Whether it is a shirtless tattooed guy being pulled on a skateboard by three dogs, a publicly acclaimed “pot head” rambling on about their perspectives on life, advice, stories or anything for a little bit of cash, a very muscly man in a speedo with horns attached to his forehead or a homeless person passed out in the middle of the sidewalk in a Santa Claus outfit in the middle of the summer; you are sure to be entertained. If that doesn’t amuse you, there are a ton of shops, tattoo and piercings galore, street vendors, art, and medical marijuana doctors. If you are in the area (and by area I mean anywhere in California) go to Venice Beach, at least once. You are sure to come back with at least one story.


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Going back to Cali

San Diego, California is beautiful. Few would doubt me. For many, this is a vacation spot; I am lucky enough to call this my home. Recently my family relocated to a new part of San Diego county which has allowed me to reappreciate the gorgeous city of Encinitas. Located just north of San Diego county along the coast, this beach town has an adorable downtown with some artsy shops, delicious places for breakfast (Potato Shack, 101 Diner), unique boutiques, vintages shops with some incredible finds (HomeFlashbacks) and some stellar bars (D Street Bar and Grill). Encinitas is one of the few areas that still has firepits on the beach (there was a ban on them a while ago on most if not all beaches in San Diego) for those summer nights on the beach. Just get there early to save the pit, its a novelty for both locals and visitors.

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Lyon Street Art

I love looking at the street art in different cities (as you can see in some of my past posts in here, here and here). In Lyon, the murals displayed throughout the city have a big presence; there are even maps of where they are all located. However wandering around the city I noticed that the street art displayed creativity and skill as well. I always find myself snapping shots either on my phone or camera (if I have it) whenever something intrigues me. I think I just secretly wish I could be just as talented. Here are a couple pieces I found in Lyon.

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Playing Dress Up

Every so often when I go home to San Diego a friend of mine and I explore a new part of home. We decided to do a little dress up like when we were little girls and take some photos. Who doesn’t like a little photo shoot every once in a while? You can see some past shoots here, here and here.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Kurth


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Exploring via ATV

Santorini is a great island to explore. There are plenty of public buses available to travel from various beaches and cities, however I found the best way to go around the island is via ATV or moped. Being able to come and go freely without having to worry about bus schedules makes the time much more enjoyable. Plus it is fun driving an ATV all around the island (something about riding around in a bathing suit along beautiful beaches gets me all giddy inside. I may have screamed in excitement once or twice). ATVs, mopeds and cars (if you are not comfortable with driving moped/ATVs or have kids) are available to rent all over the island.  ATVs cost around 20€ a day (24 hours) and can hold two people. All you need is a driver’s license.

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