Fish Spa

Have you ever seen those nature documentaries of group of piranhas who devourer a chicken carcass almost instantly? Well, the Fish Me Fish Spa is nothing like that but for some reason that image came to my head when I heard about this fish…spa. Those two words just don’t seem synonymous: fish spa. I first saw these little dead-skin eating swimmers in a spa in Budapest. Needless to say I made a very disgusted-looking face at the thought of a feast on my feet. A couple weeks later I saw this same concept in Mykonos.  It became intriguing. Curiosity lead to a little bit of liquid courage and then I jumped right in, well more like dipped my feet in cautiously. The little fishies ATTACKED and then nibbed away for the next fifteen minutes. No, it did not hurt. It actually tickled. Containing my giggles was a bit difficult and became substituted by some squirming in my seat. I don’t think I will become a regular fish spa goer (there was only a tad bit of a difference). If anything I would go for the experience.


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  1. I’ve always wanted to try one of those just for the fun of it XD

    Check out my blog…

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