Hump Day Humor

Let’s be real, hump day…aka Wednesday can be one of the toughest days of the week to get through. It’s almost weekend but not quite there. Ok, I won’t discuss it anymore, we all know the drill. So to lighten things up a bit I will be starting a new Wednesday post. I’ve been coming across a lot of funny, interesting, bizarre, silly or  hysterical moments throughout my travels but moments are in the eye of the beholder. So….I want to see your creative juices flowing. I will be posting one photo every week. What’s your take on it? Muster up the funniest, cleverest, downright ridiculous scenario/quote/dialogue etc. for the photo (if anything, it will be entertaining for me). Give it a try.

(These are all photos taken during my travels, none of this searching on the internet for something hilarious….these are real life moments people! For past posts, click here.)


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