Exploring via ATV

Santorini is a great island to explore. There are plenty of public buses available to travel from various beaches and cities, however I found the best way to go around the island is via ATV or moped. Being able to come and go freely without having to worry about bus schedules makes the time much more enjoyable. Plus it is fun driving an ATV all around the island (something about riding around in a bathing suit along beautiful beaches gets me all giddy inside. I may have screamed in excitement once or twice). ATVs, mopeds and cars (if you are not comfortable with driving moped/ATVs or have kids) are available to rent all over the island.  ATVs cost around 20€ a day (24 hours) and can hold two people. All you need is a driver’s license.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, that moped must have been great fun! Now you two just enjoy your brief time in San Diego! L U M T S B

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