Going back to Cali

San Diego, California is beautiful. Few would doubt me. For many, this is a vacation spot; I am lucky enough to call this my home. Recently my family relocated to a new part of San Diego county which has allowed me to reappreciate the gorgeous city of Encinitas. Located just north of San Diego county along the coast, this beach town has an adorable downtown with some artsy shops, delicious places for breakfast (Potato Shack, 101 Diner), unique boutiques, vintages shops with some incredible finds (HomeFlashbacks) and some stellar bars (D Street Bar and Grill). Encinitas is one of the few areas that still has firepits on the beach (there was a ban on them a while ago on most if not all beaches in San Diego) for those summer nights on the beach. Just get there early to save the pit, its a novelty for both locals and visitors.


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  1. I love SoCal! I’ve never specifically been to San Diego but my boyfriend, dad and sister have and they say it’s just lovely. I really want to go!

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