Venice Beach

Venice Beach is my go-to city for EPIC people watching. Take a stroll down the boardwalk for five minutes and you will have probably turned your head at least twice to get a double look at some spectacle. Whether it is a shirtless tattooed guy being pulled on a skateboard by three dogs, a publicly acclaimed “pot head” rambling on about their perspectives on life, advice, stories or anything for a little bit of cash, a very muscly man in a speedo with horns attached to his forehead or a homeless person passed out in the middle of the sidewalk in a Santa Claus outfit in the middle of the summer; you are sure to be entertained. If that doesn’t amuse you, there are a ton of shops, tattoo and piercings galore, street vendors, art, and medical marijuana doctors. If you are in the area (and by area I mean anywhere in California) go to Venice Beach, at least once. You are sure to come back with at least one story.



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2 responses to “Venice Beach

  1. Your description of Venice Beach is JUST how I remember it from when I stayed there during my travels a couple of years ago!

    My favourite was a homeless guy holding a sign saying ‘parents eaten by pigeon, need money for BB gun’…. On the other side he had written ‘why lie, I need a beer!’

    Also, there was an amazing sushi place there down the road from one of the new hotels.

    Lots of love,

  2. people watching at Venice Beach is something else! I love the place.

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