Horseback through Chianti

Since I am back to the reality of going back to school to finish my degree and thesis, travel has been on a halt. However, I have a multitude of adventures to share with you.

One of the most memorable and whimsical experiences I had during my Eurotrip was horseback riding through the Chianti region of Italy.  A slight breeze sang through the vines and brushed through my hair as we rode amongst the valleys of the vineyards. The sun shone bright on the land interrupted by the occasional whipping of the horses tail creating a shadow dance on the gravel below. The calm nature of the horses made even the most inexperienced rider at ease. And with a small group of four, the tour’s intimate feeling allowed us to listen and learn all about the Italian wine.

I highly recommend this tour if you visit the Tuscany region. This particular tour (you can see more information here) leaves from downtown Florence and provides all the transportation needed for the day. You enjoy an hour ride through the vineyards, a wine tasting of different varieties, a delicious pasta lunch finished with fresh gelato. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.



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3 responses to “Horseback through Chianti

  1. Anonymous

    Great pictures. You look very comfortable on that “nag”!

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