The Parthenon

Sometimes I feel like our brilliance (and by “our” I mean society today) is trumped by the grandeur accomplished in such structures as the Parthenon. The feeling you receive from being in the presence of such an august creation does not mirror the feeling you receive from any description of it in a paper, movie, photo or blog post. The Parthenon is a magnificent sight that everyone should witness at least once. You need to be next to it. You need to feel its vast presence; witness miles and miles of its incredible view over the city of Athens.

Have you had this experience? What made you pause….and think, “Wow, this is incredible.” Those are the moments we should seek. These are the moments that make you strive for more. Hopefully you have had many. This was one of mine.



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17 responses to “The Parthenon

  1. I´m not agree at all… The Parthenon in particular and the Acropolis in general need:

  2. I had that moment in Rome, at the Colosseum and then again at the Roman Forum. It just took my breath away thinking about the lives people led there over 2000 years ago and the fact those structures were still standing there today. The Parthenon was also incredible and the view of Athens from there was amazing. Oh… I love to travel!

    • You seem to have done quite a bit of traveling. That makes my heart sing. I know how much each new adventure affects me so I love hearing about others similar experiences.

  3. Breezy

    how amazing, to be able to experience all that amazing history. you are so fortunate sam!!!! enjoy every second xoxoxoxo besos

  4. I feel so lucky to have seem the Parthenon in person!

  5. You have such an incredible writing style, I didn’t want that post to end! I love what you said though about seeking moments that make us stop and go wow – breathe takers in a way. I suppose the closest I got to this was when I was travelling in 2006 (UK) and I was in Edinburgh. I had been walking for hours, and we’d just come over a hill to see a view of the wholeeee city and the sun was setting. it was the most magical feeling and I teared up. I’m visiting Athens next year (travelling Europe 4 months!) and the Parthenon is on our list of must see’s. Great post 🙂

    Anna xo

  6. oh i’d love to go! so jealous of all your wonderful travels!

  7. Anonymous

    beautiful photos!

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  9. Gorgeous photos! I want to go to Greece so badly.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  10. I was in so much awe when I went there last year!

  11. Great photos. I agree with you too. I love standing in front huge and amazing works of art or nature that make me feel so small.
    Thanks for sharing!

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