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Weekend Getaway to Paris

Twenty years ago, it would have proven difficult to seamlessly plan a trip for six people traveling from various locations all over the world to meet in one city for a long weekend. Luckily, we are not living in a time where this is difficult anymore. With the constant evolution of technology and communication via the internet, the six of us were able to fly from San Diego, Boston, London and Madrid to stay for a long weekend in the beautiful city of Paris. I am going to share with you some of the tools that we used to make our travel smooth sailing while sharing with you some incredible panoramic shots of Paris taken by my friend Kyle.

Firstly, staying in Paris is expensive. Before you assume that hostels will be your cheapest option take a look at airbnb. It is a website that allows homeowners to rent out their apartment for a designated period of time, giving vacationers all the amenities of being at home while being away. This is a great option for groups and allows you to save money on food if you are willing to cook a couple nights in.

Another bothersome point when planning group travel is tracking all your expenses and splitting them accordingly. I don’t know about you, but one of the last things I want to do during vacation is figure out the most efficient way to calculate who owes who what money. A tool that we found useful is splitwise (I even use it for day to day costs between my roommates). It allows you to add expenses or payments to an online platform that splits them accordingling amongst your group. You can avoid the headache of doing the math of owing 6 separate people money. It does it for you. Splitwise makes the expense division as simple as possible, all while keeping records of your costs.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful. Planning group travel really isn’t as daunting of a task as it once was.  Try out these tools for your next trip. If you have any tips on how to make group travel easier, let us know. There will be much more travel in the future.



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