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Capea Celebration

As an end the year, celebratory event my entire class attended a capea.  For those of you who don’t know what capea is (I certainly did not when I first heard of it), capea is a party at a farm where you get to play with a couple baby bulls. Of course you also have a DJ, open bar, dancing, hookah and food. So there is plenty to do during the 8 hours of partying. For those of you who think “oh know baby bulls!?!?!” no worries…there was no harm done to the bulls. If anything it was the bull that did harm to the students. There were lots of bruises, a bit of blood, one bumped head and a broken wrist. However, I couldn’t of asked for a better way to finish off my university career here in Spain with such a typical Spanish event (lets be real, this type of party would scream lawsuit in the states).


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Oh, the places you’ll go

{Lyon, France}

I still am having a hard time believing that my European Excursion was almost a year ago. As a way to commemorate this incredible experience, I customized two pairs of sneakers to bring along on the trip (you can see how I made them here). My incredible travel buddy (aka mi madre) and I took photos in a part of the city that seemed most memorable to us. To be honest I haven’t looked at this photos in months, however I can’t help but giggle when I see these images. We made hundreds of memories during that month. I will never forget all the crazy looks we got from passersby while trying to maneuver some sort of balancing act on the dirty ground, atop various walls and benches, and even at the edge of a cliff in order to capture all the places our tired little feet had taken us. It was a mother and daughter bonding experience that I will never be able to exchange. The shoes on the other hand are completely trashed. Maybe a nice shadowbox encasing these dirty smelly things may do just the trick. Future project? I think so.

{Bordeaux, France}

{Nice, France}

{Rome, Italy}

{Pisa, Italy}

{Budapest, Hungary}

{Prague, Czech Republic}

{Santorini, Greece}

{Mykonos, Greece}

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Evolution of an Existing Piece

So the concept of this blog has had quite an evolution; I’ve realized rightfully so. This “artistic medium,” as it may be viewed by some, started with random stories of typical daily events that made me happy while living in Boston. It developed into a blog about crazy adventures while traveling through Europe and recommendations on where to go and what to eat. And then, it came to an abrupt halt of creativity and sharing. Can you say rut? I am certain that you have all been through it to one degree or another. So I am here to proclaim that this is mine.

As you can see from the date of the last post, I haven’t written in a couple months. Four to be exact. I had it stuck in my head that I still had to follow this idea of maintaining a travel blog and of course, without any travel adventures there were no posts to be written. But this thought process goes deeper. It never occurred to me to allow this expression of thought, this sharing of experiences, essentially this “artistic medium” to morph with the flows of my life. I thought of it as one concrete idea that couldn’t change. This project became a stagnate reservoir. I restumbled upon a particular quote this past week (on Pinterest nonetheless) that made me have one of those, “oh duh” moments. I don’t know who the original person was who said this quote; however I feel like it snapped me back into realizing who I am and how to accept the evolution that occurs in life, not reject it. So here it goes…

“Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else in doing.”

Yes….simple. Quite simple. But it was just what I needed to remind myself to embrace this life transition. With that said, I am going to assure you that there will be more blogging happening in the near future. So bare with me here. You are going to see an evolution of my blog that will hopefully encompass the evolution that is occurring right now in my life. It may be a bit of a slow start but I intend on being in full swing within the next month. Lets just hope you don’t find this change boring (fingers crossed).

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