Oh, the places you’ll go

{Lyon, France}

I still am having a hard time believing that my European Excursion was almost a year ago. As a way to commemorate this incredible experience, I customized two pairs of sneakers to bring along on the trip (you can see how I made them here). My incredible travel buddy (aka mi madre) and I took photos in a part of the city that seemed most memorable to us. To be honest I haven’t looked at this photos in months, however I can’t help but giggle when I see these images. We made hundreds of memories during that month. I will never forget all the crazy looks we got from passersby while trying to maneuver some sort of balancing act on the dirty ground, atop various walls and benches, and even at the edge of a cliff in order to capture all the places our tired little feet had taken us. It was a mother and daughter bonding experience that I will never be able to exchange. The shoes on the other hand are completely trashed. Maybe a nice shadowbox encasing these dirty smelly things may do just the trick. Future project? I think so.

{Bordeaux, France}

{Nice, France}

{Rome, Italy}

{Pisa, Italy}

{Budapest, Hungary}

{Prague, Czech Republic}

{Santorini, Greece}

{Mykonos, Greece}


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  1. A little biased perhaps, but we think this is a wonderful idea!! 🙂

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