Visit Greece!

I still have a hard time turning on the news everyday to see constant criticisms, negative sentiments and heartbreaking stories. Although this is not the main focus in today’s post, we can see that Greece has been under the spotlight when it comes to these negative stories and reports this past year.

Having just recently traveled to Greece (the Greek islands to be exact), I can honestly say it is a gorgeous place to vacation with accommodating people who try to communicate in as many languages as possible, maintain a strong sense of culture and have lovely views and scenery.

It saddened me to see all these people working so hard (normally 16 hour days) for half full establishments. And that was on a good day. Tourism in Greece has dropped dramatically. Accounting for approximately 16.5% of the GDP, it plays a crucial part in the success and welfare of the economy (you can read about it more on CNBC). With tourism on the decline and times getting more and more difficult for the Greek economy, I recommend, not only to help out these people, but also to have an incredibly relaxing sunfilled holiday.

Travel to Greece. Explore their culture. Eat their food. And lay out on the beaches. I will be focusing on great places to visit throughout the Greek islands these next couple posts. I hope you enjoy the photos and get to see them in person yourself.



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4 responses to “Visit Greece!

  1. Can’t agree more. Almost seems like I was with you. 🙂
    Athens and the Peloponnes were wonderful also. Just sad that people are staying away, there is every reason to go!

  2. I love that you’re blogging again and I love your pictures, as always!!

  3. Anonymous

    I love that you’re blogging again, and I love your pictures, as always!!!

  4. You’re a crazy donkey.

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