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Gourmet Ice Cream

Designer has hit a whole new level down in La Jolla, California. The newly opened Bardot Bars is a hand-made ice cream bar shop that claims to offer “Love on a Stick” from traditional to exotic flavors. Just like designer clothing, this ice cream shop has two collections: their Classic Collection and their Bardot Collection. The Classic Collection features flavors such as “Honey I’m Home,” a cookies and creme ice cream with authentic heavy cream and covered in 60% dark Belgium chocolate and “The French Kiss,” a toasted almond ice cream covered in 40% milk Belgium Chocolate. If your mouth hasn’t started watering yet, you should check out their Bardot Collection which features flavors such as “Inner Piece,” a raspberry ice cream with a layer of rich and creamy matcha green tea covered with raspberry coverture. For a complete view of their products, you can click here.

I have to say, this concept is a bit extreme but it seems to work. Their interior design is incredible and sets an edgy yet simplistic vibe that is great for adults wanting to indulge in a sweet getaway. They also use unique to-go packaging that can keep the ice cream cold for up to eight hours allowing you to take these unique treats home even if you live far away. I am not sure I would be a regular with prices around $5.40-$5.80 a bar. However, it is an awesome once-in-a-while, on special occasion spot. It’s a great scene for dates, for sure (take notes boys).



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Post-graduate plans

The last couple weeks I have been trying to put my life together. You know, that post-grad, “holy shit I have graduated and am moving from the comfort of going to school to actually having to figure out how all those years of learnings apply to some sort of job/career out there in the universe” feeling. Virtual high fives to all those who have figured it out right away. I have no idea how some of my classmates are all calm and collective about what they are doing. But hey, you did it. Props to you. You made that leap out of the plane and are free falling into real life.  Thrilling.

But, hell I am petrified. After the past two years living in Spain, I have no clue on how to function properly back here in the U.S. of A, let alone as a full blown adult working full time and paying off those so-painful-I-cringe student loans. Can you cue “blah” mode? I’m pretty sure this is what they call reverse culture shock (or I am sure hoping thats what it is). I think I am going to rename it, “I just wanna go back” shock. To be honest, I am at a loss on how to “cure” this. All I know is that it really gives you an insecure feeling that makes you want to instantly run back to the good ol’ life. No wonder so many HR departments are now developing programs that help reintegrate their employees back into their own culture after spending an extended period of time abroad.

I am writing this as a way to get these emotions off my chest and to let others know that this disruptive transition does happen to more people than you think. Now is the time to take the next chapter in stride; wherever that may lead. Congratulations graduates! Time to put together all those developed skills and experiences you can call pieces of the puzzle in your life. Good luck.


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