Gourmet Ice Cream

Designer has hit a whole new level down in La Jolla, California. The newly opened Bardot Bars is a hand-made ice cream bar shop that claims to offer “Love on a Stick” from traditional to exotic flavors. Just like designer clothing, this ice cream shop has two collections: their Classic Collection and their Bardot Collection. The Classic Collection features flavors such as “Honey I’m Home,” a cookies and creme ice cream with authentic heavy cream and covered in 60% dark Belgium chocolate and “The French Kiss,” a toasted almond ice cream covered in 40% milk Belgium Chocolate. If your mouth hasn’t started watering yet, you should check out their Bardot Collection which features flavors such as “Inner Piece,” a raspberry ice cream with a layer of rich and creamy matcha green tea covered with raspberry coverture. For a complete view of their products, you can click here.

I have to say, this concept is a bit extreme but it seems to work. Their interior design is incredible and sets an edgy yet simplistic vibe that is great for adults wanting to indulge in a sweet getaway. They also use unique to-go packaging that can keep the ice cream cold for up to eight hours allowing you to take these unique treats home even if you live far away. I am not sure I would be a regular with prices around $5.40-$5.80 a bar. However, it is an awesome once-in-a-while, on special occasion spot. It’s a great scene for dates, for sure (take notes boys).



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2 responses to “Gourmet Ice Cream

  1. Oh my!This is sooo amazing,honey!Love it!;)

  2. Stefanie

    I want to go here 🙂

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