A lover of travel, I have just started my adventures to distances abroad. I have found that the amount of knowledge I learn from going place to place is exponential to any type of education I have received. Textbooks don’t do it for me, I would remember an experience before an exert I read in a book. Therefore, anytime I can travel I will. I want to cover every continent. I want to learn languages, traditions, and different ways of living. These experiences will help me determine how and where I want to live. Heck, I am in my quarter-life-crisis stage (ok, maybe a bit prematurely). The states are not necessarily the best place for everyone; gradually that is starting to become true for me. Follow me on my travels, I plan on sharing what I discover. There is so much to learn.

(Click on the pictures below to read about past travel adventures)

                        AUSTRIA                                                 CZECH REPUBLIC                                                 FRANCE


                      GERMANY                                                        GREECE                                                          HUNGARY


                            ITALY                                                             MOROCCO                                                 NETHERLANDS


                        PANAMA                                                         PORTUGAL                                                            SPAIN




11 responses to “Travels

  1. Cool blog. I love this page. I haven’t always been able to get pictures of myself in each country I’ve visited. This is a great way to use them.

  2. I really really really like this page. What a great freakin’ idea. It gives such a charming highlight to the places you go. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my own travels. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  3. I am an avid traveler as well and have been incorporating my adventures on my blog as well. I really like how you put your travel page together!

  4. Looks like you’ve managed to conquer a few fun destinations!

    I myself am desperately trying to travel the world, but the more I’ve traveled, the more I realize how little I’ve actually seen; guess the world is just to big for us.

    I look forward to reading more about your future travels!

  5. i love travelling too. but as i am still under age i haven’t traveled as much as i want to. but i will be a major in a few months and then i will go to every nook and corner of the earth!!!
    as of now i just travel to places closer to home.. just places within a 500 km radius..
    and i also noticed you have never been to India..
    do come here too 🙂
    i’m sure you’ll love it!

    • That would be amazing. Once I have a break from my studies I plan on going there. I want to spend at least a month traveling and exploring India. I feel like the culture and country has so much to offer!

      • it does.. in fact it is soo vast that I (being an Indian) haven’t been able to explore more than 20% yet!!
        its like every place i see is completely different from the previous one.

  6. I love traveling as well as languages ! I have been to most of the places you blogged about. Your pictures are very lively and energetic !

  7. Loving your blog, so fabulous!!!!!!!!
    velvet cupcakes

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