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This is Atlas Genius‘s first single, Trojans, and I am in absolute love with their music so far. I am a bit behind since this has been released for a while but it is definitely on repeat this week with the car windows down and the volume turned high.

Atlas Genius – “Trojans”


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Summer Squash Couscous

I have fallen in love with my new cookbook Sprouted Kitchen, a whole foods recipe book  with incredible illustrations and a focus on healthy, seasonal produce. As a last dash to hold on to summer, I made this summer squash couscous with a green herb grilled shrimp. Absolutely scrumptious! It was even better knowing that the herbs used for the sauce came straight out of the garden.

Now if you live in a warm place like Southern California, the produce for this recipe will stay in season a bit longer. Since most people actually experience seasons, the produce has probably already switched over to fall.  But don’t you worry; you can transform this dish simply by substituting zucchini for eggplant. I am not going to post this recipe in hopes that you get this book. I found that Amazon is one of the best and cheapest places to buy it. However if you are not willing to do so, just send me a message under my contact tab and I will be happy to pass it along.

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Life lately, according to my iPhone.




Lately life consists of:

pumpkins, pumpkins & more pumpkins ♥ new kitty companions

sister outings ♥ scrumptious donut holes 


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Year 23

Commencing another year of life: 22 years have past with many more to come.

May this year consist of:

♥ Constantly discovering good eats

♥ A new business venture

♥ A completed 1/2 marathon

♥ Some paid-0ff university loans

♥ Lots of travel

♥ Constant smiles and laughter

♥ A new life path.

Thank you to all of you who have already been through some crazy, silly or emotional times with me. There will be many many more, so stick around.


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Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Recently I have switched to a whole foods, no preservatives diet (well, as much as possible). This means  more fresh ingredients, a lot of cooking and a ton of new recipes. To be honest, it is not that difficult of a switch; however I have found a huge contributor to my success has been because of my newly planted herb garden. Since the majority of these recipes need an abundance of herbs, I found it easier to keep various pots right at home rather than running to the market every time I need something. Let me tell you, that extra punch of flavor and beautiful garnish really makes a difference in a meal. In the long run it ends up saving money and gives you a bit of pride as well.

Now if you aren’t a green-thumb type person, don’t completely turn away from this idea. I have found an inexpensive way for you to test out this gardening experience. The Home Depot has a one year guarantee on almost all their plants.* If your plant dies within one year of its purchase, you can go back to the store and they will refund your money. No questions asked. Just make sure you save your receipt. I may or may not have had to do this already (oops!).  So whether you live in a large house with a plot of land or in a small apartment in the city; an herb garden is within your reach.

{Herbs pictured above: onion chives, sweet basil, cilantro, italian parsley, rosemary, greek oregano, and dill}

*(there may be other home improvement stores that do this as well, as their nursery department)


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Mood Music

I always find it difficult to answer the questions, “So what type of music do you like to listen to? To be honest, depends on my mood. However, I love getting music recommendations or stumbling upon some old favorites. Here is what’s been going through my speakers.

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Gourmet Ice Cream

Designer has hit a whole new level down in La Jolla, California. The newly opened Bardot Bars is a hand-made ice cream bar shop that claims to offer “Love on a Stick” from traditional to exotic flavors. Just like designer clothing, this ice cream shop has two collections: their Classic Collection and their Bardot Collection. The Classic Collection features flavors such as “Honey I’m Home,” a cookies and creme ice cream with authentic heavy cream and covered in 60% dark Belgium chocolate and “The French Kiss,” a toasted almond ice cream covered in 40% milk Belgium Chocolate. If your mouth hasn’t started watering yet, you should check out their Bardot Collection which features flavors such as “Inner Piece,” a raspberry ice cream with a layer of rich and creamy matcha green tea covered with raspberry coverture. For a complete view of their products, you can click here.

I have to say, this concept is a bit extreme but it seems to work. Their interior design is incredible and sets an edgy yet simplistic vibe that is great for adults wanting to indulge in a sweet getaway. They also use unique to-go packaging that can keep the ice cream cold for up to eight hours allowing you to take these unique treats home even if you live far away. I am not sure I would be a regular with prices around $5.40-$5.80 a bar. However, it is an awesome once-in-a-while, on special occasion spot. It’s a great scene for dates, for sure (take notes boys).


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