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Ponte Winery

One of my favorite “getaways” with out actually having to get away very far is to the Temecula wineries. It has become customary to make our first stop at Ponte Winery, where we line our stomachs with a bit of delectable bites before venturing on to multiple tasting rooms available throughout the county. This is one of my favorite pitstops with a gorgeous restaurant patio and misters for those hot, humid days. They have a great selection of light lunch options like the cheese plate you see above. Tastings in Temecula range from $12 – $20 for 5 to 6 tastings a person. Just remember, get a designated driver. If you cannot find one, there are many services available for hire. No one wants to end a great day on a bad note.



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French Fromagerie

French make spectacular cheese. So of course a visit to a fromagerie was mandatory. With plans to go on a picnic later that day, we headed to a local market called Le Marche des Capuchins in Bordeaux. We scoped the array of cheeses. Pounds of round, uncut cheese topped with triangular wedges were displayed behind spotless glass. Soft cheeses, hard cheeses, aged, strong, mild and many more were cut to customers liking and wrapped up carefully as if a gift. Waiting our turn, we approached the counter with hesitation. Prepared to act an impressive display of charades, the young man behind the cheese counter mustered up his very impressive English and recommended us some splendid cheese while we waited to demonstrate our master charades trick another day. Our picnic consisted of St Nectaire Fermier, Comte aged 18 months (my favorite), and Brebis Fermier D’Estive with a cherry marmalade. From another stand around the corner, we picked up some kangaroo sausage, a fresh baguette and a pear. It seemed like the perfect combination for a lovely French picnic in a park along the river way.


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