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Life lately, according to my iPhone.


Lately life consists of:

♥ a short trip to San Francisco ♥ little kittens  

♥ tagging my name on a friend’s wall ♥ lots of delicious coffee


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Sail Away

As much as I love living in the city sometimes an escape is nice. Many city dwellers encounter this feeling once in a while. For a short fix you can escape within yourself or within the city that is. New York has Central Park, Boston has the Commons and Madrid has Parque Retiro. One of my favorite activities in Parque Retiro are the rentable row boats. It is great to do with family, for a romantic date, or for a picnic with your friends. Don’t worry, you don’t need a captain’s license or skipper skills, just a bit of muscle to row and maybe a dash of coordination. Half of the fun is trying to maneuver your way around without creating a game of bumper boats. It is a slightly harder than you would think.


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