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Life lately, according to my iPhone.


Lately life consists of:

♥ a short trip to San Francisco ♥ little kittens  

♥ tagging my name on a friend’s wall ♥ lots of delicious coffee


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Lennon Wall

Wander down a back street by Grand Priory Square in Prague, pass by a bridge full of locks, and you’ll find yourself in front of the Lennon Wall (for more simple instructions you can use GPS on a phone like I did). The Lennon Wall, a cement wall covered with Lennon-inpired graffiti and Beatles quotes, is layered with paint symbolizing youth ideals of love and hope. Individuals have been painting this wall since the 1980s when Czechs used to write about injustices that later caused a clash between the outspoken youth and security police. The wall is constantly changing, but the message still remains the same. If you have a bit of spare time when in Prague, check out this collaborative artwork.


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Lyon Street Art

I love looking at the street art in different cities (as you can see in some of my past posts in here, here and here). In Lyon, the murals displayed throughout the city have a big presence; there are even maps of where they are all located. However wandering around the city I noticed that the street art displayed creativity and skill as well. I always find myself snapping shots either on my phone or camera (if I have it) whenever something intrigues me. I think I just secretly wish I could be just as talented. Here are a couple pieces I found in Lyon.

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Art Alternatives

Europe is full of art. You have art museum after art museum after art gallery after, well you get the point. If you are an art buff, I don’t think you will run out of places to see when traveling around the various European cities. Though visiting art museums aren’t necessarily my top priority when traveling (no I did not go to the Louvre when I was in Paris), I  do appreciate a little street art every once in a while like here and here. These are just a couple pieces I saw while wandering this weekend.




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Weekly Appreciation: Street Artwork

Graffiti can be troublesome, destroying the quality and quaintness of a city street. However, it is always refreshing to see pieces, like those below, that are works of art. Here are a couple things I have found.


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