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Visually Pleasing

Anyone who has searched in the job market knows that the task of applying to jobs can be a bit monotonous (but very necessary, of course). Constantly reiterating basic information, strategically selling your best and brightest qualities depending on the job description and highlighting your past experience becomes, well, a bit of a bore. Lets be honest, how many people do you know that are truly thrilled when going through the process of looking for a new job? Probably none.

Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to this problem; however, there is an alternative way to present this information that may give your monotonous process a bit of flare. Vizify and Vizualize.me are two websites that group your information and present it in a graphical bio format. Other than posting these links on Linkedin, at the moment, I am not sure how else to present this to employers. But it does make your accomplishments look very….well, dazzling. Check out some examples of the two layouts below.






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Day 4: Our Final Destination

The final stretch has arrived, but not without a bit of traffic and weather delays. We wanted to get the heck out of Arkansas as quickly as possible. I have no intentions of ever returning there. Today’s 8 hour trip was a bit extended with some Dallas traffic and crazy rainstorms. We were patient and managed through it, even though the rain storm brought us to a near stop at particular points due to lack of visibility.

The road trip has finally come to an end. We saw plenty of hicks, corn fields and cattle to hit this months quota of country sights. We are happy to be in Austin now and have a whole new place to explore. It is just the end of one adventure and the beginning of another.


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Day 3: Nashville, Tennessee

We treated ourselves today with a half-day break from the road. After staying with some gracious hostesses, Ashley and Matt, we managed to find our way to downtown Nashville for some shopping and scrumptious barbecue. Needless to say, that wasn’t difficult to find.

Filling our bellies with barbecued chicken, ribs, and brisket along with sides of cream corn, apples, baked beans, and mac n’ cheese we waddled out of the restaurant with huge grins on our faces. We walked around the city a bit to ward off the food coma deemed to set in. Bluegrass and country music filled our ears and even a couple statues of Elvis appeared. I would love to do it all over again.

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Day 2: Entering the Great Smoky Mountains

Traveling has proven to be exhausting. We passed out the second our heads hit the pillow at 9pm. There was plenty of stops along the way for bathroom breaks, leg stretching, and a bit of food here and there. From this we were able to check out some locals and local places. We quickly found that Delaware truck stops have their own species of people, KFC in Maryland don’t have popcorn chicken (what the heck), New Jersey is the worst state to drive through ($8.25 toll, really?) and Connecticut was just Connecticut (though we did stop at a Costco).

Trivia has been a hit! We have gotten more followers on our Twitter page and even some correct responses. Thanks Dan and Jon. At times people have come up to us and asked about the trip or trivia answers. Others point at the van while hitting the person in the passenger seat to get a quick glimpse. Though, sometimes I’m not sure if they are pointing at the trivia or our mustaches. A little girl gave us a thumbs up at one point and a man in a silver Mustang gave us a fist pump (I think they like us).

We are making progress and great time. Today is our longest day; once we surpass this, the rest will be a breeze.

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Day 1: Austin, TX or Bust

After much planning, Carl and I have set off on to our great adventure to the unknown: Austin, Texas. The four day trip ahead of us is anything but short. With that in account, we prepared some car-ride entertainment (for us of course) and car-side entertainment (for the general public).

As an interactive activity for ourselves, friends, and strangers along the way, we have created a drive-by-trivia game fueled by a newly created Twitter account @trivi_van. The concept is as follows: every 100 miles we will post a new trivia question on our Twitter account and the side of our van. Answers will be posted within the next 100 miles along with frequent updates of our status. If you have a Twitter account, follow us! If not, you can follow our status updates at the following link: http://twitter.com/trivi_van
You might be surprised by some of the things we find along the way.

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Road Trip Planning

Planning a road trip can be a bit intimidating. As we calculate out our traveling time for each day, this trip is going to be quiet a long one. Mapquest estimated 1 day and 8 hours if we drive non-stop from Boston to Austin. Here is our route. Four days seems more reasonable to me.

Day 1: Boston to DC

Day 2: DC to Nashville

Day 3: Nashville to Little Rock

Day 4: Little Rock to Austin

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