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Visually Pleasing

Anyone who has searched in the job market knows that the task of applying to jobs can be a bit monotonous (but very necessary, of course). Constantly reiterating basic information, strategically selling your best and brightest qualities depending on the job description and highlighting your past experience becomes, well, a bit of a bore. Lets be honest, how many people do you know that are truly thrilled when going through the process of looking for a new job? Probably none.

Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to this problem; however, there is an alternative way to present this information that may give your monotonous process a bit of flare. Vizify and Vizualize.me are two websites that group your information and present it in a graphical bio format. Other than posting these links on Linkedin, at the moment, I am not sure how else to present this to employers. But it does make your accomplishments look very….well, dazzling. Check out some examples of the two layouts below.






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A Peek in the Eyes of Spanish Culture

This advertisement for Cruzcampo Beer does an amazing job displaying the Spanish culture. Here are some of the things that now surround my life. Below is a translation:

Andalusia…Andalusia isn’t where Europe ends, it is where it begins.Here is more or less where the New World began. We have oceans, fields, snow and deserts. We have everyone from cowboys to British soldiers. And we have art, a lot of art. El Andaluz isn’t an accent, it’s Castillian Spanish amongst friends. And the blondes are never alone – they come accompanied by tapas. Here, we don’t eat tomatoes; we drink them. Our bullfighting costumes aren’t made of light, they give light. And our sports matches always have a third round.

In Andalucia, horns don’t scare us: we fight them. We don’t unbutton our shirts, we tear them open. We don’t walk down the street, we drink it. In Andalucia, we don’t exaggerate. Everyone else just underestimates. We love olive oil, ham and colored lanterns. We love friendship, passion and midday dreaming. We love those who have left us, and those who have stayed. We love that art, that smile, that pride, that green, that white! We Andalusians love this place, and we cheers to it with this beer.

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