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Life lately, according to my iPhone.

Lately life consists of:

mini road trips ♥ a renewed inspiration to write ♥ family trip to the zoo

movie dates ♥ a puppy halloween costume


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Eat, Pray, Love

It still baffles me on how much I related to the story in Eat, Pray, Love. This movie (since I didn’t read the book prior to viewing) couldn’t have been more fitting for this current point in my life. With exactly two weeks before making the big move to Spain, it touched upon so many topics that have been going through my head. Some scenes even brought up some topics that I have been trying to avoid.

I am about to embark on a year adventure; one that I plan on sharing through this medium, my blog. I don’t intend on every moment being the most happy of times, but it will be moments of trial, craziness, and confusion. With that in mind, great discoveries shall be made and memories remembered for a lifetime. I am glad I can share these upcoming events with you. Oh, and go see the movie! It’s a good one.


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